Case Study Power & Energy Russian Petrochemical Company

Russian Petrochemical Company


When the entire world is going digital with books converting into EBooks and, file racks becoming folders in laptops; we are becoming more integrated in our operation leading to high speed & accuracy. With this changing trend command centers are also making a transition from old boring places into interesting hi tech centers.

One russian transporation company went hi tech by installing Tricolor’s Hades 580 to operate their command center more efficiently. By installing Tricolor’s controller, they are now able to provide right kind of information on their video walls which help them to block the loopholes in the system and share the upcoming signals faster which makes work collaboration more effective. With this new setting trend, many other transportation systems are now trying to implement this kind of technology. This technology will bring automation and transparency at the same time; along with this, it will help them to attract and sustain customer.

INDUSTRY:Transportation;       SCENARIO NEEDS:Command Center;

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