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China's iron and steel industry is in a stage of rapid development. With the deepening of the integration of industrialization and informatization of iron & steel enterprises, the need for Chinese iron and steel enterprises to strengthen informatization construction is more urgent. 

After deep understanding of user needs and inspection of actual use scenarios, Tricolor integrates TCD series LCD display system, comprehensive signal processing platform, centralized management and control platform, visualization Control system, operation and maintenance management platform and other multi-platform systems, under the premise of ensuring green, environmental protection and low carbon, tailor-made smart factory area comprehensive information management and control platform for users and launched the concept of digital twin dispatch command system, including the world's rare 495 units of 0.88mm bezel single splicing wall. Through the visual operation and maintenance management platform, all kinds of video and audio, network, security, dynamic ring and other signals are fully ecologically connected, unified management, optimized layout, overview of the data display of the whole park, to ensure the orderly development of real face alarm, The daily management of iron and steel, such as abnormal image warning, traffic control in the park, synchronization of production data, display of unmanned metering data, and real-time upload of environmental protection testing data, meets the needs of temporary command tasks for major events and regional major events, and promotes the strategy of intelligent manufacturing. Accelerating the construction of intelligent decision-making system and intelligent manufacturing system, strive to realize intelligent production mode, intelligent equipment, intelligent management escort, and build China's new green digital intelligent video and audio command center.

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