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PONTUS™-M2 hybrid matrix is a high definition audio & video switching device. It adopts

Cross-Point-Bus technology to realize digital & analog signal seamless switching. It supports

4K@60Hz, seamless switching, redundant power and etc. PONTUS-M2 is a powerful matrix, widely

used in intelligent teaching, monitoring center, conference room and enterprises.

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1.    I/O Capacity

The total input capacity shall not be less than 36 channels, and the total output capacity shall not be less than 36 channels.

2.    Video Wall Functionality

Support video wall functionality, pictures can cross the displays. The whole video wall can realize a full display of signals.

3.    EDID Management

Support reading and editing of EDID, which increase the compatibility of input sources.

4.    Support A/V Sync

Audio are switched simultaneously when switching the video.

5.    Support Audio Embedded

Support audio embedded on all the channels.


6.    Support Audio Demultiplexing

Support demultiplexing audio of all channels.


7.    Support Text and Dynamic Timing Overlay

Support text and dynamic timing overlay on any channels, users can customize the font, color, size, position, background color, transparency and other parameters.


8.    Cross Point Bus Technology

Adopt pure hardware processing technology for each channel and allocate bandwidth for each channel with exclusive bandwidth, to ensure each signal has a dedicated channel to transmit. The switching process has no influence on other signals, thus realizing real-time processing function of the input channel;


9.    Mixed Signals Input

The device shall support mixed input of signals such as SDI HDMI VGA CVBS YPbPr DVI HDBaseT and etc.


10. Mixed Signals Output

The device shall support mixed output of signals such as SDI HDMI VGA CVBS YPbPr DVI HDBaseT and etc.


11. Switching Time

Operators can monitor the status of the signal sources, the cards’ temperature, the fan speed and etc. Pontus-M2 support seamless switch, the switching time between input and output≤15ms,there is no frame loss of 60FPS.


12. No Stuck

Support 60Hz frame rate signal acquisition, no frame loss, no stuck phenomenon


13. 4K@60Hz Resolution

A single device can realize different ports and different resolutions display through control software.


14. Control Methods

Support front panel key control, Web control, RS232 instruction control.


15. 4K@60 Resolution

Support 4K60 on both input and output, and other normal resolutions.


16. Presets Management

Support saving and loading not less than 8 groups of presets.


17. Hot Swappable

Support hot swappable of both input and output cards.


18. Signal Loss Detection

Support signal loss detection, the color will change when the signal is lost.


19. Front LCD Panel

Support front panel LCD status display, through the front panel can switch the matrix and loading the presets.


20. Picture Adjustment

Support adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness, perfectly solve color asymmetry of different displays.