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Q & A

*We provide technical support within 24 hours after you send the maintainess email to our technical specialist. Here below we listed the common questions and answer that may help you on your first inquiry.

Hardware Part

Q:    What type of hardware your products are?


Q:    If the equipment needs fixing can you come overseas for repair?

A:  All of our products are modularly designed, that means if the devices got a problem we will send you a new card for replacement, you do not have to buy a new device.

Q:    How can I replace the card when the device is operational?

A:  You can replace a card by just removing the card you want to replace. We call it the hot-swappable function.

Q:   What types of signals your products support?

A:  We support HDMI, DVI, DP, VGA, CVBS, HDBaseT, Fiber, and IP...etc. We support nearly all types of the signals.

Q:  What types of video walls your products support?

A:   Our products support LCD, LED, DLP, and Edge Blending.

 Connection Part

Q:     I have installed the software but why it is not running?

A:   Your operative system lacks the VC++ runtime library. Please install vcredlist.exe. (X86 OR X64)

Q:     I have forgotten the password, what can I do?

A:  Normally you do not need a user name or password to login to the video wall controller like Pontus, Hades, etc. However, if you have created a password and you forgot it you can uninstall and reinstall the software then you can log in without any user name or password.

Q:     I have logged in the software but I cannot connect to the controller successfully?

A: Your PC’s IP address is the same with the controller that’s why you cannot connect to it. Your PC’s IP address has to be different from that of the controller but in the same range. Normally our products’ IP address is “”, you can change the IP address of your PC to be “192.168.1. 67” or else.

Q:     Do your products support iPad control?

A: Yes, most of our products support this function. Operating the controller on a remote terminal is really useful.

Q:    Why the output card’s LED light is bright but the input card’s LED light is off?

A: The input card’s LED light only lights when there is an input signal connected to the port.

Displaying Part

Q:    Why there are no displays on the screen?

A:  Firstly do a color test to see if the output card has been connected to the video wall properly. Secondly, you can check if the cable is properly connected to the controller. Thirdly you need to check the output channel setup to see if you have allocated a screen to the output port or not.

Q:  Why Video wall 1 shows image but video wall 2 never shows any image?

A: Most probably you have not done a proper channel setting for this port.

Q:    All the screens are showing the same signal?

A: Because you have chosen the mode of “One switch to all”. You can drag other signals to the screens.

Q:   Why I can’t open windows of the input signal?

A:  First check if the signal is of green color on the signal list, if it is green it means you have to check the channel setup and you need to allocate a screen to the output. If the signal is of gray color that means it is offline. Please check if the port being connected is the lighting. This may be caused by the cable being loosely connected.

Q: Why there is a black zone on the screen?

A: This may be caused by the resolution. We can change the resolution or edit the EDID or crop the signal to fix it.

Function Part

Q:   Do your products support the output of audio?

A:  Yes, we either use an audio card or put the audio port on the video card together or embed it in the HDMI card.

Q:  Are your products compatible with other companies’ matrix switchers or video wall controllers?

A:   Yes, all our products are compatible.

Q: How the resolution of the input signal is different from the video wall?

A: Our products can be adaptive to any resolution of input and we support editing the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) function of both input and output.

Q: Can you open and shut down the video wall?

A: Yes, our products support this function.

Q: How many input signal and output signal do your products support?

      A:  We support 320*320 input and output signal by one single Cronos. So far it still keeps the record which is the largest one in AV industry.