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The TCM series central control system is specially developed for the display and control platform multimedia system. Through its Cross-bus interface and open + modular user programming interface, it can easily complete the programming of various complex control interfaces and integrate the multimedia environment. The various systems are integrated organically, thus presenting a complete, reliable, personalized, and economical overall solution to the user.

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The TCM series central control system uses a multi-core CPU with a core frequency of 1.4G and runs the Linux operating system. It has strong integration and expansion capabilities. The system includes a control core and peripheral interfaces with rich interfaces. It actually controls multiple systems and multiple devices in a centralized manner. management. The TCM series central control system has the ability to work reliably 24 hours a day, and is widely used in conference rooms, home automation, building automation, multi-function halls, training centers, command and control centers, exhibition centers, special vehicles, industrial automation and other applications.  This is a multifunctional network-type host that supports network send and receive functions, can communicate with any system, and is suitable for any place.



  • Multi-core CPU, 1G memory, 8G Flash

  • Multi-line layer multi-core processor with combined processing capability of 1.4GHz

  • Two kinds of network communication: Ethernet, WIFI

  • Supports 8 serial ports with customizable protocols, and can be configured as RS232, RS485, DMX512 protocols as required * 4 contacts, each of which can support 30V / 1A DC, 125V / 0.5A AC load

  • Support 8 channels of customizable IO input, output and infrared output, support infrared modulation signal transmission of full-band carrier

  • Automatic clock synchronization function, can accurately execute user-defined time reservation function, the reservation action

    can be accurate to the year, month, day, hour, minute and second

  • Support 2 channels of T-NET bus signal management with POE, the maximum number of management terminals can reach 110

  • Interface over-voltage and over-current protection, resistance to 20KV electrostatic shock

  • Add external module box to expand independent module card

  • Internal power supply voltage 24V, power consumption<5W

  • Equipped with timeline multi-thread event editing function

  • Supports dual-machine backup function. When the main control host loses network communication or is shut down, the backup host automatically starts and takes over the system to ensure the user's work and system normal operation