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Solution Multi Media Room
Multi Media Room

Multi Media Room


Solution Background

Under the new public opinion environment and new communication structure, the Internet thinking needs to be leveraged to create a complete "all-media" Framework, improve the efficiency of display and collaboration, optimize the content production process, actively explore media integration, and build an "all-media content room“ to ensure that it can continue to have the ability and level of public opinion guidance in the Internet era and occupy the main position of ideological propaganda.

Solution Requirement

The all-media audio and video control system of a traditional media is an important part of the autonomous region to promote the network and modernization of the daily newspaper. The all-media audio and video control system involves a wide range and many services, including video conference systems and large-screen display control systems. , Audio processing system, projection fusion system, centralized control system, etc. The system needs to interconnect and communicate with each subsystem, share signals, and centralize control to improve the ability to work collaboratively. It completes functions such as signal switching, display, and recording between subsystems, to achieve the goals of smooth information interaction, accurate graphic push, and effective organization and coordination .


This project is mainly for the construction of all-media network for the main control room of the all-media center, the large-screen display on the first floor and the monitoring room of the computer room. On the ground, our company has developed a software and hardware integration solution based on the Poseidon distributed cloud system. The system solution processes all local audio and video signals through input nodes, is compatible with front-end network camera equipment, and can make storage plans according to needs; it integrates LCD splicing display, LED splicing display, and projection fusion display functions. Set of control software for management; support for tablet computer visual control, "what you see is what you get" operation greatly improves user experience

Solution Feature

Single device controls multiple large screens

The system adopts Chunzhong Technology's Resolution Real-time Total Adaptation technology. A single device can control multiple groups of LED / LCD / DLP large screens at the same time. Each group of screens is displayed independently and supports different output resolutions. The display effect is guaranteed and the user's project budget is saved.

Visual control

The wireless visual control function makes the system's display and control methods more flexible and diverse. Users can view the dynamic images of all signal sources and the large-screen echo screen in real time through a tablet computer or touch all-in-one. Drag the preview area signal to the large screen area to open the window, and pinch to change the window size.

Topological graph is automatically generated

The system has the function of automatically generating the topology structure, and the device connection relationship is clear at a glance. After selecting the device, it can be configured and operated to avoid the inconvenience caused to the user when using multiple sets of control software to control different devices.