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Case Study Exbihition Dubai Airport Duty Free Stand
Project Name

Dubai Airport Duty Free Stand


Dubai airport is an exemplary case of “Design & Technology”. The entire theme has been designed by keeping in mind the image of Dubai as an emerging power with a rich culture heritage. Hence, Dubai Duty Free required an advertising display that would be in sync with their existing theme. Keeping this in mind, Tricolor Technology pitched the solution of Hades 380 video wall processor.

LED technology is defining almost every major innovation in technology space and display technology is no exception. Tricolor Technology has provided turnkey solution of Hades 380 to Dubai Duty Free to its LED displays. Tricolor team designed the solution as per required aspect ratios & resolution for each screen. For accurate output Tricolor team took care of the tedious engineering to choose and install a perfect video wall processor.

INDUSTRY:Transportation;       SCENARIO NEEDS:Advertising Displayr;

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  • Hades-2U5.png
  • Hades-4U.png
  • Hades-8U.png