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Case Study Meteorological National Weather Service

National Weather Service


A digital operations weather command center provides aggregation, interpretation, problem recognition, impact analysis, first response and dispatch for incident management activities all in the real time. Working with a command center is like going from believing weather prophecies to using numerical climate prediction models with the collaboration of all the team members of the center. This requires an effective control of the center’s video wall.

Corporate Communications has become an integral action for command centers especially the ones which requires immediate actions through collaboration. To improve their speed and collaboration among its members National Weather Service decided to use Tricolor’s strongest video wall controllers (Apollo Pro, NYX and Cronos) to effectively manage its command centers.  Smooth corporate communication flow in the command centers can be achieved through digital signage which is today’s need for corporate sector. Another reason why major corporates like National Weather Services would opt for Tricolor digital signage solution is its ability to integrate with other software.

INDUSTRY:Meteorological;       SCENARIO NEEDS:Command Center;

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